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LadyBug SignUp for Launch

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FAQs Answer yourself Lady

1. Hey Lady, where you at?

Just down the spa

2. Why the pampering?

I needed some me time

3. You were rocking at

I know I was looking good but that was only ever a temp home, so now's the best time to take some time to run through a few updates and come back better

4. What can we expect?

I'll be faster, have a native OSX app for easy access, can store bigger files, can password encrypt, can share via email and not just a link

5. Any idea when you'll be back from the spa?

When I'm ready. Soon. Sign up and I'll send you a note when I'm good to go.
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Ladybug, the popular and easy to use file sharing app is taking a break.

The lady is getting her nails done. She'll soon be back so you can carry on to enjoy sharing your client, friend and business files with ease. A lot of cool stuff is coming so sign up to be notified when she is ready to roll. Not long now...